Single-cell proteomics news

Recent advances and news about single-cell proteomics technology in its application to basic biomedical research and to clinical problems.



News and media highlights

Single-cell proteomics review   June 2020

Major challenges to single-cell protein analysis by mass-spectrometry and their solutions


The single cell proteomics revolution   Feb 2020


Single-cell proteomics perspective in Science   Jan 2020

Single-cell mass spectrometry will help reveal mechanisms that underpin health and disease


Single-cell proteomics technology feature in Nature Methods   Aug 2019


Improving single-cell proteomics technology   Jul 2019


Risky idea could mean big things for regenerative medicine   Oct 2018


Northeastern University hosts the first Single-Cell Proteomics Conference   June 2018


Upcoming meetings

The next single-cell proteomics conference is in August 2020.

Third single-cell proteomics conference (SCP2020)