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Recent advances and news about single-cell proteomics technology in its application to basic biomedical research and to clinical problems.



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Single-Cell Proteomics Bypasses Bottlenecks, Sways Skeptics



Untangling the Complexities of Single Cell Protein Analysis



Highlight of single-cell proteomics methods developed by the SCP Center



Highlight of single-cell methodology (plexDIA) developed by the SCP Center



plexDIA is published in Nature Biotechnology


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Capital equipment grant from the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center (MLSC)



The C&EN cover story feature technology pioneered at the SCP Center



Our protocol for multiplexed single-cell proteomics is published in Nature Protocols



Highlight of single-cell proteomics technology developed by the SCP Center



Specht named a Rising Stars in Proteomics and Metabolomics


Slavov Named Allen Distinguished Investigator for Pioneering Single Cell Proteomics

The Allen Frontiers Group awarded an Allen Distinguished Investigator Award to support the development of a new technique, dubbed SCoPE-Dyn, that will allow researchers to follow an individual cell’s “protein travelogue”: the changes over time in hundreds of different proteins across thousands of human cells.


Single-cell proteomics review   June 2020

Major challenges to single-cell protein analysis by mass-spectrometry and their solutions


The single cell proteomics revolution   Feb 2020


Single-cell proteomics perspective in Science   Jan 2020

Single-cell mass spectrometry will help reveal mechanisms that underpin health and disease


Single-cell proteomics technology feature in Nature Methods   Aug 2019


Improving single-cell proteomics technology   Jul 2019


Risky idea could mean big things for regenerative medicine   Oct 2018


Northeastern University hosts the first Single-Cell Proteomics Conference   June 2018


Upcoming meetings

The next single-cell proteomics conference is in August 2021.

Fourth single-cell proteomics conference (SCP2021)