Disseminating technology

The center actively disseminates single-cell proteomics technology and facilitates its broader adoption via the release of workshop tutorials, protocols, and research presentations.




Video tutorials

Introduction to quantifying proteins by mass-spectrometry

Video tutorials from the SCP219 Workshop

A collection of detailed tutorials on performing single-cell protein analysis by mass-spectrometry.


Single-cell proteomics research presentations

A collection of recorded video presentations from the annual single-cell proteomics conferences can be accessed from the links below.

Presentations from the 1st Single-Cell Proteomics Conference, SCP2018

Presentations from the 2nd Single-Cell Proteomics Conference, SCP2019

Presentations from the 3rd Single-Cell Proteomics Conference, SCP2020

Presentations from the 4th Single-Cell Proteomics Conference, SCP2021

Presentations from the 5th Single-Cell Proteomics Conference, SCP2022

Presentations from the 6th Single-Cell Proteomics Conference, SCP2023


Single-cell proteomics protocols

Protocols for single-cell protein analysis by mass-spectrometry.

Sample preparation for single-cell proteomics

Multiplexed single-cell proteomics methods


Video resources

Additional video recordings are available at the YouTube Channel of the Slavov Laboratory.

Single-cell proteomics YouTube Channel