Single-cell proteomics center

Single-cell biology in focus

We develop mass-spectrometry based technologies for quantifying thousands of proteins and their interactions across thousands of single cells. We apply these technologies to understand emerging behaviors in biological systems and to identify mechanisms that underpin health and disease.

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Recently, the throughput of single-cell transcriptomics and genomics technologies has increased more than a 1000-fold. This increase has powered new analyses: Whereas traditional analysis of bulk tissue averages all differences between the diverse cells comprising such samples, single-cell analysis characterizes each individual cell and thus has enabled the discovery and classification of previously unknown cell states.

The SCP center is developing mass-spectrometry (MS) technologies that afford analyzing proteins in single cells and promise to deliver similar gains to single-cell protein analysis. These proteomic technologies enable investigations of diverse biological questions, such as signaling mechanisms based on protein binding, modifications, and degradation, that have long remained elusive.


About the single-cell proteomics center

The single-cell proteomics center is located at Northeastern University in Boston, MA, USA. Questions about the center should be addressed to Prof. Nikolai Slavov.